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Manga or the Japanese style of drawing has found its utility in several narratives and not just in Japan, but across several cultures. This style of drawing can be best found in the Japanese anime, something that is quite a favorite among the young and adults alike. These anime are so popular that even the casino industry could not keep their hands off them. Therefore, with the turn of the decade, it becomes imperative to look into all the anime casino games that could create quite a rage this year. Without further ado, thus, let us look into all the anime casino games that people would be turning to this year to appease their gambling pursuits.

Koi Princess:

One of the most stylish anime casino games, Koi Princess, has over 5 reels and 20 paylines. The symbols that you could find in the game are based on elegant Japanese artefacts and have the potential of paying you out in high amounts. Plus, if this is not enough to pique your interest, the game also has several features and bonuses that can get you to earn over 10 free spins.

Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell:

The minimum bet that you must place to be able to play this game is 0.05, and the maximum bet ranges up to 10. The Ghost in the Shell is one of the biggest and the most popular anime franchises in the world with over 5 reels and an amazing progressive jackpot that players can get their hands on.

Fortune Girl:

The backdrop of this game is that of a temple where the players shall find all their riches. The maximum bet that you place with this game is 1, and you also have the chance to earn up to 14 free spins. This is not a number to forego. If serendipity is by your side, these free spins can help you hit the major jackpot and earn bonus rewards.

Geisha Story

Geisha Story:

This Japanese slot game from Playtech is quite a rage among people who like anime and gambling alike. The dominating color of the game is pink, and it has cherry blossoms in the background, which makes it look pretty. A manga movie plays right before the game starts, which makes it easy for people to understand and grasp the concept of the game.


Manga or the anime as a genre is a famous icon in pop culture. The entertainment industry and bodies of literature have found refuge in its themes and have come up with several creative pursuits, and the casino industry is just one of those many endeavors which puts the themes of anime into efficient use.

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