Japan is majorly famous for making highly engaging anime as well as its gambling craze from Pachinko machines to Mahjong. There are plenty of animes which present the idea of the risk involved in gambling, as the characters bet even their lives in the hope of a better future. Here we list the top six gambling anime of all time.

One Out

This anime is about a talented baseball pitcher Toua Taguchi who is also fond of gambling. He plays street baseball called One Out in Okinawa. But when he gets selected for a real baseball team, he has one simple rule to follow. He will win $45,000 for every out and loses $455,000 for every run. This is a psychological anime which uses the elements of planning the gamble.

Death Parade

This anime is about the afterlife, where you get one last chance to gamble your life. The void is run by Decim, the barmaster who manages all the games in the afterlife bar. Games such as darts, poker, and air hockey give the players another chance to compete for reincarnation, or they will be lost in darkness forever.


Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

Kaiji Itou becomes an outlaw when he gets tricked into owning his coworker’s debt. He gets an invitation from a gambling cruise ship which is illegal. Kaiji faces a lot of threats while he takes part in gambling. He meets several opponents filled with torment, greed, and delusions. But due to the burdening debt he has, he will have to see through this while saving himself from the worst people that exist.

Mahjong Legend Akagi

Nongou has $27,000 in debt due to his habit of compulsive gambling. This leads him to the darkest corners of the city to play Mahjong against a Mafia. Under the desperation of the gamble, he is willingly ready to gamble his life. Enjoy the intense Mahjong games as Nongou gambles his life while he is unaware of the serious consequences that will follow.

Legendary Gambler Tetsuya

Legendary Gambler Tetsuya

The story revolves around Tetsuya who plays Mahjong at local game parlours, beating his opponents. He meets a man who tells him that he has a lot to learn about the game to truly master it. This old anime is another Mahjong based anime which has more lessons about Mahjong to dig throughout the story while one can enjoy a great storyline.

D’Arby the Gambler

Jotaro is in a battle with D’Arby in the game of poker to win back the soul of Joseph and everyone who lost the games against D’Arby. This game a ride filled with high stake betting while both the players create tension to keep one hooked for the results. D’Arby is known to win every poker game he has ever played, but Jotaro has brought his own bag of tricks. The game also features the famous Stardust Crusaders which is a treat for every gambler.