The capital of Japan happens to be Tokyo, and the population in Tokyo is 126 million. Their official currency is the Japanese yen, and this is very important, because it is essential when we are talking about gambling activities. Poker is not exactly their favourite game, but still, there are so many underground casinos that have poker. Poker is not legal in Japan. Most gambling activities are not legal in Japan, yet.

Gambling is something that has been illegal in Japan since the 20th century. Some individuals thought that this would be too much work and, that is why, online poker has become a huge thing in Japan. You can access these online poker websites from wherever you want, and they are very quick as well. On these websites, you will be given a choice to play whatever kind of poker you want. You even have the option of playing in live rooms. The internet plays an essential role when it comes to online poker on these casino websites.


You can visit as many online rooms as you want. You can stay updated by hanging out in these rooms. Here are some casinos that have poker in Japan.
1. Backdoor Extreme Bar
2. The Japan Poker Club
3. Poker Live Osaka
4. Tokyo DePoker
5. The Huge Gorilla
Japan had recently passed a law making it possible for casinos to operate legally in the future. Since the coronavirus pandemic, they have actually postponed the construction of these casinos, because of the virus. A lot of experts have actually said that the country could possibly become the world’s third-largest land-based gambling hub, following

Las Vegas and Macau.

All of the above being said, poker would not actually be one of the main sources of revenue, because it is not the favourite game of the Japanese people, but tourists will definitely love it. Poker is still one of the most loved games across the world.


It has been estimated that the game would be internally popular in places which are considered to be tourist hubs. Tokyo is one of those places. With the exception of betting, lotteries and races, the game of Pachinko has been bringing in billions of dollars every single year.

For the Japanese to actually enjoy the game of poker, a lot of them play for commodities, services and prizes. They avoid the concept of using money, so that they don’t end up breaking the law.
In the year 2016, the Japanese government ended up passing a bill which would allow casinos to be constructed in Japan, as I have mentioned above.

That is why, I feel that there will be a lot of casinos in Japan, as the pandemic starts to wear out. These casinos will be completely centred around tourism, since Tokyo is a tourist hub. Tourists love to gamble, and Japan is making a lot of plans for tourists.

It has also been said that most of these casinos will be attached to some luxury resorts which centre around tourism.