The manga, or the Japanese style of drawing cartoons, is one of the greatest instances in the history of comics. It comes as quite a welcome relief from all the monotony that we see in the regular drawings of cartoons in every other part of the world. The manga has become such a popular form of art that it has engendered a body of literature, pop culture references and several types of games. Its popularity keeps soaring by the hour, and to such an extent that even the casino industry could not resist from looking up to it for inspiration. In a similar vein, we have gathered a few gambling related mangas that you might want to sit back home and watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


This gambling manga that quite literally means ‘gambling apocalypse,’ is one of the best mangas related to gambling written so far. And as the name suggests, the story revolves around a poor man Kaiji who falls into a series of despairing events and tries to get out of those events by wagering constantly. However, it is only when he sees death staring right into his face, he emerges as the ultimate survivor by unleashing his true potential as a gambler.


Kakegurui, or Kakegurui-the Compulsive Gambler is not all that its name suggests. The story revolves around a bunch of school kids from the most elite classes of Japan, who join an academy. However, instead of being educated to become responsible citizens and world leaders, these kids, under several circumstances, indulge in the compulsive habit of gambling. The storyline is quite an interesting one and is sure to keep you hooked.

Akagi Game


Written by Nobuyuki Fukumoto and published in 1991, Akagi chronicles the story of a man named Akagi who beats the Yakuza members in Mah-jong. However, soon after the victory, he disappears for a long time, only to come back later to challenge the king of the Japanese underworld.

Osama Game:

A unique story-telling approach, this manga is a cell-phone novel that revolves around text messages. The story narrates how a few people receive a chain text message and unwittingly become a part of a dangerous game. The game involves the participants performing tasks, failure of which shall result in their death. The tasks that begin as a few easy ones progress to become disgusting and gruesome.


There are several mangas that you can sit back and watch or read to your heart’s content. The mangas that we have mentioned on the list have assumed the shape of classics, and thus, it is imperative that you watch these first if you are wondering where to begin with.