Anime is an animation style with Japanese roots, characterized by extremely distinctive backgrounds and characters. The storylines behind this form of animation usually vary and may include fictional or historical events, characters, and settings that cover a broad audience range. Manga, on the other hand, refers to printed graphics or comics, also originating from Japan. The characters appear to have somewhat similar features to those of anime.

History of Manga and Anime

The term manga dates back to 1798 when it was first used as a description for a picture book called Shiji No Yukikai. However, it is not until during the World War II era that manga began to gain popularity. The US troops in Japan introduced various animation characters such as Mickey Mouse, Bambi, and Betty Boop to the country. That sparked creativity among the Japanese artists, which made them create their unique style of comics.

The Manga style is credited to Osamu Tezuka, also known as the God of Manga. He came up with the distinctive large eyes that anime and manga characters usually have. He also created a manga series called Astro Boy, which ended up being the first of its kind to air on television in 1963.

During the 1970s and 1980s, some anime variants started to gain popularity overseas. Two good examples include Star Blazers and Robotech, which had mature themes. Star Blazers, which was first broadcast in the United States in 1979, focused on global warming, acid rain, and radiation poisoning. The series became the first popular anime-based broadcast in the US. The popularity of anime went on to rise and spread to other countries to a point where it is currently appreciated all over the world.

Manga’s Beauty

Manga is not just a type of cartoon. It is more of a beautiful art form, which is used in a variety of ways. For starters, it is a representation of the Japanese aesthetic traditions and culture. The content variations in manga and anime are so diverse, ranging from futuristic science fiction to historical events and covering everything in between such as teenage romance and comedy.

There are a few different types of Anime, including:

  • ‘Kodomo’ – Anime for children
  • ‘Shoujo’ – Anime aimed at girls
  • ‘Shouten’ – Anime for boys
  • ‘Hentai’ – Adult content, usually XXX rated and definitively NSFW

The diversity allows all fans to find something they can relate to as per their preferences. For that reason, you are likely to see people dressing up in anime themes, getting tattoos of some of their favorite characters, and even attending some popular anime events.

Manga and Anime-Related Places of Interest and Events

Numerous attractions and events have been established due to manga and anime’s increased popularity. Most of them are in Japan because they offer a sense of authenticity. Still, there are many others in different countries as well. A few examples are highlighted below.

Manga Cafés

Manga cafés refer to specific places set up for people to access a collection of manga. You have to pay a certain amount to access the library for a specified duration. The cafes have individual compartments that allow the readers some privacy. Some also serve various non-alcoholic beverages to guests.

In some cases, you are allowed to borrow some books. The cost of a reading session or borrowing varies depending on the particular manga café you visit. Most of the manga cafes are usually located close to the train stations, with many such establishments being in Tokyo and Osaka.

Maid Cafés

maid cafe tokyo

Initially, the maid cafés were created to fulfill the fan’s fantasies of maid-themed anime and manga. The concept came about at the dawn of the millennium, originating from Akihabara. Many maid cafés opened around and within the same area, which makes Akihabara the go-to place for the best experience of the maid café.

Maid cafés can be found in a variety of other countries other than Japan, including China, South Korea, Taiwan, the United States, and Canada. As suggested by the name, a maid café’s primary characteristic involves waitresses dressed in maid costumes. They also role-play and may engage guests in a friendly and charming manner. They can also play video games with the guests as a way of making them feel relaxed.

For an additional fee, you can take a few pictures with the waitresses. The meals and desserts served are decorated in a unique way that makes them appear as if they are from an anime episode.


A few anime and manga grand events usually take place annually. A good example is Anime Japan, formerly called the Tokyo Anime Fair, held each year at Odaiba’s Big Sight convention center. Anime Japan is among the most significant animation-related events across the entire world. Due to the pandemic of 2020, this years event was canceled but promises a big comeback next year.  Comiket is another event that is worth noting. It is a comic book fair that usually attracts large numbers of manga fans from all over the world. It is generally held twice every year, hosted at Big Sight.

Theme Parks and Museums

There is also a variety of museums and theme parks that are inspired by anime and manga. Some of the most popular ones include One Piece Tower, Ghibli Museum, Fujiko F. Museum, Ishinomori Manga Museum, Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum, Kyoto International Manga Museum, and Kitakyushu Manga Museum. People all around the world who love any genre, feel the overpowering need to go and visit the country of its origin, and sometimes even learn Japanese to better understand and identify with their heroes and heroines. .


In Japan, and nowadays, nearly all other places in the world, anime and manga-related items have many followers. That has resulted in hobby shops being set up in various locations, especially in the Akihabara district, which is considered the mecca of anime and manga. If you are more into the fashion and cosplay that comes along with anime and manga, Shibuya and Harajuku  are well known and accessible by foot. The two areas lead Japanese trendy young cultures like Pop culture and Kawaii culture.

Akihabara district

Akihabara district

Effects of Anime and Manga on Modern Lifestyle

Anime and manga have contributed quite a lot to the way people think and live their life. Most fans of anime try to live their lives based on the storylines they see in the anime series. It is even more of a culture in various places such as Japan, where manga and anime are what will first come to mind when you look around the streets.

Anime and Manga In Games

With the increased popularity of anime and manga, the gaming industry has introduced a variety of games that feature anime characters and backgrounds. Most are action-packed games, but there is a good variety of choices. It is possible to find a few anime characters in even some of the games that are not anime-based.

Anime and Manga on Movies

Anime started airing on television several years ago. Currently, the movie industry has gotten so much into it such that new anime movies are released more frequently than ever before. Such films sell throughout the world, a good indication of how popular anime and manga have become. Two examples of blockbuster anime movies include Studio Ghibli’s highly acclaimed Spirited Away (2001) or the recent popular hit Your Name (2016).


Manga and Fashion

Nowadays, it is common for fashion-oriented individuals to incorporate their favorite anime characters in their outfits. That can be in the form of prints on the attire, designs, colors, type of shoes, and hairstyle, among others. Some even go to the extent of applying makeup in a way that will make them look like their favorite anime characters. There are also various accessories that anime and manga lovers use as part of their fashion accessories. That ranges from brooches, belts, and handbags, among many others.

Final Thoughts

Manga and anime have gained popularity over the recent years to make it among the top animation categories in the world. Some of the reasons are because it provides a variety of suitable content for all age groups, and they have a cultural impact. The anime and manga trend has been around for quite some time now, and it is highly unlikely that it will end soon.

Brought to you by Quickspin software, Sakura Fortune is a mobile-optimised game, emphasizing the essence of Japanese culture, featuring a journey of a princess fighting against an evil emperor.

For insight into what the game has to offer players, such as imagery, pay lines, and bonus features, we’ve reviewed everything you need to know before you begin playing. This game has proven a huge hit amongst slot players looking for a beautiful slot to entertain themselves with. The fact that many operators run campaigns with free spins in Sakura Fortune for their players has played a significant part in making this as popular as it is. You will find Sakura Fortune in any online casino that has Quickspin games in the portfolio.

Sakura Graphics Design and Sound Effects

The aesthetics of Sakura Fortune are enchanting, detailed, and bright while displaying traditional Japanese icons such as the blossom tree. In Japan, Sakura means flowering cherry tree, and it’s rooted in hundreds of years of Japanese culture. Sakura represents the beauty and fragility of life.

The main character is a princess wearing a red dress referred to in Japan as a ‘cheongsam’. The princess is both beautiful and elegant, yet looks can be deceiving as she carries a katana (Japanese sword) in her left hand in readiness to attack the emperor.

sakura fortune the princess

The reels are filled with evil emperors. Dragons, gold coins, and the heroine herself, all of which possess different values and qualities.

The backdrop transitions through a stream of colors depending on whether you strike a bonus or wild symbol. The typical color themes you will find are light green or a bright blue sky in the background, beautified with soft pink blossoms or vibrant orange flowers.

The soothing sounds of Japanese music play in the background, further enhancing the bewitching theme while you play. It’s a bonus having a relaxing soundtrack to play to, especially when adrenaline rises as a potential winning strike is close.

In terms of Sakuras’ visual aspect, Quickspin offers spectacular imagery without overloading the screen with too many icons, buttons, and tabs.

Sakura Fortune: How to Play, Plus Paylines and Stakes

As per traditional slot game layouts, Sakura fortune presents five reels and 40 pay lines. You can place a minimum bet of 0.20 to a maximum of 80 per spin. To select your bet lines, you can do so at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. To tweak the amount you’d like to bet, look at the bottom of the screen in the center. Your current bet should have updated, and you can adjust this with the arrows to the right of this box.

To begin playing, depending on your preference, you can either manually click the spin button, or select autoplay and choose a set amount of spins you want the game to action. If during the autoplay you wish to stop the reels from continuing to auto-spin, click the stop button identified with a square button.

Wild Symbol and Scatter Symbol

The main character of the game is a multitasking princess who plays both the wild and scatter symbol. If the princess appears on four reels, the symbols light up and expand. This rule applies to both the base game and the free spin feature. The wild symbol in Sakura acts as a substitute for all other symbols on the second, third and fourth reels and in the free spins round too.

sakura fortune respin wild symbol game play

Free Spins Bonus Symbol

To you and I, the free spins symbol is a folding fan; in Japanese culture, however, the fan is referred to as a ‘sensu’. Highlighted in glowing yellow hues, the sensu only appears in the base game, which means if you enter a bonus round, it’s powers for dishing out free spins won’t count. If you land three or more bonus symbols on any of the reels in the base game, you will activate the free spins feature.

Also, during a free spins round, if a wild lands on the reels, they will expand and give the player yet another free spin. Following the wild’s appearance, it shall proceed to remain for the entire free spins round.

Sakura Fortunes’ Respin Feature


A special feature created by Quickspin is the re-spin feature, which gives you another opportunity to increase your earnings at no extra cost to your bet. This round is launched by at least two stacks of wild symbols on the reels. The more wilds you land, the more likely you are to receive additional respins. Two full-stack wild symbols, for instance, will grant you two re-spins. Other benefits of the re-spin round are that you may also use the free-spins feature within this round. The re-spin feature shall only finish once no new wild symbols appear.

sakura fortune game screen

Overview of Sakura Fortune Slot Machine Game

The simplistic, clean-cut design of Sakura Fortune strikes a balance between excellent imagery and a functional, easy to use game suitable for newcomers. While still providing plenty of appealing aspects to hook advanced slot machine players. Furthermore, Quickspin offers a very generous 96.58% RTP on this game, meaning the player has a higher potential of making a return on this slot.

As a mobile-optimized slot machine game, Sakura Fortune is adapted to play in landscape mode on PC, tablet, and mobile, without jeopardizing the functionality and imagery of the game. And of course, last but not least, there is a great potential to increase your winnings with a few generous options providing you free spins and re-spins at no extra cost to you.