The manga, or the Japanese style of drawing cartoons, is one of the greatest instances in the history of comics. It comes as quite a welcome relief from all the monotony that we see in the regular drawings of cartoons in every other part of the world. The manga has become such a popular form of art that it has engendered a body of literature, pop culture references and several types of games. Its popularity keeps soaring by the hour, and to such an extent that even the casino industry could not resist from looking up to it for inspiration. In a similar vein, we have gathered a few gambling related mangas that you might want to sit back home and watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


This gambling manga that quite literally means ‘gambling apocalypse,’ is one of the best mangas related to gambling written so far. And as the name suggests, the story revolves around a poor man Kaiji who falls into a series of despairing events and tries to get out of those events by wagering constantly. However, it is only when he sees death staring right into his face, he emerges as the ultimate survivor by unleashing his true potential as a gambler.


Kakegurui, or Kakegurui-the Compulsive Gambler is not all that its name suggests. The story revolves around a bunch of school kids from the most elite classes of Japan, who join an academy. However, instead of being educated to become responsible citizens and world leaders, these kids, under several circumstances, indulge in the compulsive habit of gambling. The storyline is quite an interesting one and is sure to keep you hooked.

Akagi Game


Written by Nobuyuki Fukumoto and published in 1991, Akagi chronicles the story of a man named Akagi who beats the Yakuza members in Mah-jong. However, soon after the victory, he disappears for a long time, only to come back later to challenge the king of the Japanese underworld.

Osama Game:

A unique story-telling approach, this manga is a cell-phone novel that revolves around text messages. The story narrates how a few people receive a chain text message and unwittingly become a part of a dangerous game. The game involves the participants performing tasks, failure of which shall result in their death. The tasks that begin as a few easy ones progress to become disgusting and gruesome.


There are several mangas that you can sit back and watch or read to your heart’s content. The mangas that we have mentioned on the list have assumed the shape of classics, and thus, it is imperative that you watch these first if you are wondering where to begin with.

Gambling is one of the best way to lose and with the right entertainment, the writers are trying to bring in the right awareness. In this article, we are going to be discussing some of the best characters in anime who had to deal with gambling.

One Outs- Toua Toguchi

Toua Toguchi is a talented baseball pitcher who by profession, is a great gambler. He is known to play the right version of the baseball which can be seen in the streets of Okinawa. This is a show where the Toua bets that with the pitch he wins $45,000, but with every run, he looses he has to suffer a loss of $4,55,000. This is a very short sports anime which has some psychological elements to it.

Death Parade

Death Parade

This a fantasy series which shows that there is no afterlife after death but only gambling. This is a place where you are given a chance at reincarnation or to lose your soul. This is one which series which can blow anyone’s mind as it has some of the most attention to detail. There is mystery, drama, psychological thrill elements to the grips which can encourage people to get the right round of bowling.


Akagi is a story about Nongou who is an impulsive gambler which led him to a $27,000 debt. He finds himself in some of the darkest corners of society and starts to play Mahjong for the Mafia. This is where he realises his loss and starts to bring back everything together. This is a 26 episode long series which has a lot of action. This is one series which can bring you the thriller element which can allow one the right access to the games.

Mahjong Hishouden

Mahjong Hishouden

This is a mysterious game which has a lot of mystical aspects to it; it has some of the best crying dragon plays, which can allow one to get the right wins. This is where the main character is an aspect to defeat the opponent with a perfect strike. This is an action drama which can keep you hooked onto the show allowing you to see the protagonists struggle and the different ways people manipulate your minds to get the right bidding.


Saki is a game which has a complex relationship with Mahjong. This is a series which revolves around Saki who loses her parents New Years gifts and tries to walk between the lines which will allow one to lose. This is where she learns about the butter truth about the ways which requires her to play the game with strategy. This is an anime which will give you the fin surprise which will keep you hooked on to the game and series.

If you happen to enjoy gambling and playing on the slot machines, you might even love exploring the various themes that slot machines come with. For instance, several casinos all around the globe have a penchant for looking up to cartoons for inspiration. Cartoons make for an amazing theme for slot machines, and this is what we are going to be dealing with in the article. From the Flintstones to Pink Panther, slot machines have always found ways to amalgamate their games with some of the world famous cartoons. Let us now delve into the topic and shed light upon the most popular cartoon-themed slot machines.

The Flintstones:

There is hardly a soul who does not know of The Flintstones. A rage in the 90s, this cartoon from the Hanna-Barbera production ruled several forms of entertainment, and the casino slots are just one of them. One of the most well-known slots with the theme of The Flintstones is the video slot from Playtech, and it has 5 reels and over 1024 ways of winning.  The video slot has several features that make it more exciting than any other slot game, with the option of choosing the characters from the cartoon.

Family Guy

Family Guy:

If you thought that cartoons were only for the entertainment of kids, you have been getting it wrong all this while. This cartoon is a favorite and not just among the children, but also with the adults, so much so that the casinos decided to opt for it as one of their themes for casino slot machines. This particular cartoon-themed casino slot can often be heard quoting some of the most well-known dialogues from the show as you go about your gameplay. The game has several bonuses to unlock and therefore, if you have ever been a fan of the cartoon, this casino slot is a must-try for you.

Big Bad Wolf:

The slot machine with the theme of the Big Bad Wolf has 5 reels and 25 paylines. And one of the best features of this slot is that you can play it for free, something that is not quite the case with most of the other slot machine games. Unlock free spins or win extra spins, the Big Bad Wolf has several features for you to enjoy if you are in for some fun with cartoon-themed slot machines.


The Pink Panther:

One of the most iconic cartoons of all times, The Pink Panther cartoon-themed slot machine has 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 paylines. The Wheel of Pink bonus is one of the most attractive features of the slot but is not all that the slot machine has to offer to you. Some of its game features are triggered randomly, and this unpredictability is what makes it a much sought-after casino slot.


Cartoons have been around for centuries now, in one form or the other. They find their utility not just in shedding light on the ways of the world but also in defining the entertainment industry, and the casino slots are just another example of it.